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Welcome to Wildbear - My Store

Welcome to the new Wildbear™ website.
Here you will find information about the Wildbear™ brand of winch bumpers & off-road protection equipment, ethos, and people behind it.
Wildbear™ is a range of premium products designed and built to the highest specification right here in the UK, just down the road from the 'birthplace of Land Rover' Solihull. Manufactured in the Midlands, the very heart of the UK, we are ideally placed for a central distribution network, this gives us a fantastic opportunity for ease of access.
All our products utilise the highest quality raw materials, stringently checked to meet our quality control standards and vigorously tested, on-road, off-road, and no road.

The people behind Wildbear™ are Land Rover enthusiasts with many years of experience with the vehicle and its off-road capability; this gives unparalleled insight when designing and manufacturing a product. While many companies will look at rudimentary function and aesthetics, our product manufacturer will assess how the item will perform in the off-road environment.
For example, a winch bumper limits the vehicle reaching full potential if the approach angle is hindered by the bumper itself; this is especially important in the competitive sector.
Any part made to fit the underbody can trap mud and debris; this can cause a lot of damage to axles and chassis components so, we designed all our steering, tank, and diff guards to be easily cleaned and maintained, lowering the risk of long term rust issues.
We hope you enjoy our website, and you enjoy our Wildbear™ product range.


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Great website, glad your items can be purchased directly now.

March 20, 2017 at 16:44pm

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