Billing Land Rover Show 2022

Billing Land Rover Show 2022
Flaming June for us is always Billing month, this year wasn’t shaping up to be quite as hot, and the weather forecast leading up to the biggest event of the summer looked gloomy, with rain forecast over the weekend.

However, as it turned out when we traveled down to Northampton from our HQ in Redditch, the sun does shine on the righteous, and it shone bright and warm until late afternoon, then the sky blackened, with the promised rainclouds loosening their water load. But we had pitched and cracked open a few cold ones, so 0 Fs were given.

Friday dawned bright, and it was the start of what was predicted to be a busy weekend, marquee erected and stock mounted up for display on our bumper stands. Throughout the morning, clouds moved in, and a brisk wind picked up, doing little to dampen the Billing spirits; the day was busy and social, with curious people coming to view our new style Tree Sliders designed for one of the CSW lads. Feedback on our products is always welcome, so please take a look at the images and leave a comment.

Defender Rock Tree Slider
CSW @ Billing Offroad Show
Friday night was one of our socials; it is always a pleasure to catch up with old friends and meet new people. After a dinner at the pub with Goodwinch and CSW, we returned to the showground, enjoying the evening to music from the bar filtering across the showground, giving Glasto vibes as the sun set in a blaze of red.
Saturday morning brought another blue sky and the smell of frying bacon before we set up for another hectic day. As always, we were treated to a spectacular display from the arena, including Challenge South West vehicles providing the appreciated charity jaunt around their purpose-built track at top speed. Due to the sunny and dry weather, everything was dusty, and the show appeared to look like it was held in a desert.
The stand was busy all day, and many of our products sold out despite the current affairs affecting the UK.
Saturday evening presented the charity auction and some spectacular donations to be auctioned off. These included t-shirts and caps, a toy ride-on Land Rover, a winch, a trip to the Ariel factory, a Dynamic H/D Rear Bumper for Discovery 2 donated by us, and 10 laps around the CSW course won by one of our staff members. Big thanks to everyone that donated and bid to raise money for BHF.
A live band and another beautiful sunset closed the evening.
Discovery 2 Rear Bumper

Sunday started overcast, but we were soon treated to more warm sun and, sadly more dust, but the dust is a small price to pay for the entertainment. Our stand was quieter due to much of our product selling out on Saturday, but orders were taken to be dispatched to happy customers.
The staff member who won the auction had the opportunity to be a passenger in 5 of the fantastic CSW vehicles and the spectacular Ariel Nomad. 12 laps and an hour later, she reappeared to the stand filthy with dust and grinning madly. Her words describing the experience? ‘F***ing awesome’ So I guess she enjoyed it.
After dismantling the stand and packing up to leave, it was time to say our goodbyes and hit the road. Billing is always a pleasure, and we look forward to seeing you at Peterborough.

CSW @ Billing Offroad Show



Aerial Nomad





2 thoughts on “Billing Land Rover Show 2022


Good to catch up again, the rear bumper with the dynamic lights looks tidy

July 3, 2021 at 21:44pm

Great to see you there, thanks for taking the fantastic sliders for disco 2 & 3

July 2, 2021 at 14:41pm

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