Fast road to no road. Our wide range of bumpers, protection, and styling for Land Rover Defender will be sure to please.
Stylish, long-lasting, and thoroughly tested Wildbear™ brand of aftermarket accessories will stand the test.
If lightweight styling is your thing or a more robust armour to protect your vehicle from unexpected scrapes and knocks, you will find something to suit your taste.
Stainless steel bumpers with DRL add a touch of class and modern update while keeping the 'original appearance', the Gullwing '007 Spectre' bumper looks breathtakingly beautiful with a unique Wildbear™ touch.
Underbody guards will add extreme armour for your differentials, fuel tank, and transmission, protecting against harsh terrain.
Rock sliders and bumperettes afford your vehicle extra protection during a gentle green lane or more aggressive, competitive offroad.

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Star Rating 1 So easy you could do it after 10 beers.

Star Rating 2 Easy, but some lifting may be required.

Star Rating 3 Beginner, drilling, and some lifting may be required; you might also need a mate to hold the item in place.

Star Rating 4 Experienced, if you try to do this after 10 beers you may cause yourself a mischief, you might also need a mate to hold in place. May cause use of expletives.

Star Rating 5 Advanced, some drilling and cutting are required to fit this item, accuracy is needed; if you are not confident, ask a mechanic to do the work for you when you have a beer. Expletives are inevitable.

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