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Why Wildbear?

Premium quality products. Second, to none service, we will not be beaten.
Engineered to last, designed to perform, created with you in mind.
For those that want to get off the highway, choose the Wildbear way.
To protect your vehicle on whatever terrain you choose to travel and still want style and great looks, Wildbear is the go-to. Every. Single. Time.

What We Do

Manufacturing off-road protection winch bumpers, mounts, and accessories with pride and care.

We have 18 years experience in designing and manufacturing off-road protection, a background in off-road Motorsport, and a passion for the Land Rover brand.

We understand the desire to keep your vehicle protected. We have learned from bitter experience the problems caused by substandard protection, and we are insistent that our products will prevent you from having the same miserable experience.

Our Philosophy

We commit to providing you with all the support and advice you could need when choosing a new product for your Land Rover from our range; we know how much time and money you will spend throughout the time you have your vehicle and want you to have the best quality.
Every product in the Wildbear™ range has a strong emphasis on the finish. We have listened to dealers and customers, looked at competitor products, and wanted to make sure that the Wildbear™ range is robust and long-lasting.
We have focused on selecting the highest quality raw materials, from galvanizing to zinc pre-treatments topped with specialist color finishes unique to this market and ensuring high-quality fittings for everything, guaranteeing a product created for YOU.

On A Mission

A.J.S Fabrications commit to staying with British quality for the
Wildbear™ product range. We only source materials outside of the U.K, where it is impossible to find what we need, though we are still working alongside British engineers on design and specification.
Simply the Best.
An unbeatable range of products, with the unique bear logo, it's only Wildbear™ if it has the "WB" stamp of approval.
All our products are subject to a stringent process to allow the finished coating to have maximum resistance to damage.
Shot blasting provides a clean surface allowing optimum surface preparation; before our zinc protective process or hot-dip galvanizing is applied
*The Zinc primer process is widely used in the automotive and other
industries for corrosion protection. Offering the ability to deposit a uniform coating over an entire component, including those with bends, cavities, or areas which would be hard to coat with a conventional primer powder coat or liquid spray painting process. Designed to offer more than 1000 hours of salt spray resistance, widely regarded as the best available anti-corrosion primer paint for mild steel.

Our Specialisation

Winch mounting solutions and off-road protection for Land Rover and Range Rover marques.

Established in 2006, we have designed and developed inspirational bumpers and protection for Land Rover vehicles, including the first Defender DRL bumper in 2008.

We continue to create, innovate, and inspire, leading the way with our ever expanding range of Wildbear brand products for Discovery, Range Rover L322, and Freelander vehicles.

Beautiful protection, tested in real world situations


The Wildbear™ range of off-road accessories and protection from A.J.S Fabrications is the cutting edge of style, quality and, finish, priding itself on being fit for purpose and built to last.
Everything from Winch bumpers to chequer plate protection helps give you the confidence to create a vehicle with individuality and style that will endure the harshest trials that the world's varied environments can throw at it. The essence of Wildbear™ will enhance your Land Rover and leave a lasting impression with the manufacturing excellence and care taken at every stage of the development of this unique range.
With Wildbear™, you can trust our warranty and have complete confidence we are focused on the finish and performance of your product, no matter what terrain you travel.
With high-quality control at A.J.S Fabrications, we will only sell what passes our stringent Q.C. checking process.

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Finest British steel and aluminium fabricated in to meticulously designed protective armour, winch bumpers, and accessories for YOUR Land Rover marque.
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