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These guards offer unsurpassed protection for many types of Land Rover axles.
They have been designed to give maximum protection whilst enabling the ability to carry out routine maintenance without removing the guard.
Our guards offer superior protection being independently mounted from the diff pan reducing the possibility of impact damage and subsequent oil leaks. The guard also protects the track rod at the rear of the axle.
All guards are zinc plated for corrosion resistance and full fitting instructions and bolt packs are supplied.
Manufactured from 6mm steel the guards are easily mountable with a full fitting kit and instructions included.
The rear guards provide protection to the propshaft drive flange, they give a smooth ramp to prevent snagging on rocks and tree stumps at the front of the axle and wrap around the rear of the diff pan to give the same level of protection as the front diff guard.

Diff Guard

LS7600 Front Diff...

LS7600 Diff Guard Diff Bolt-on Guard LHD Front Def <98/ ...

LS7600A Front Diff...

LS7600A Front Diff Guard Diff Bolt-on Guard LHD Front Def ...

LS7601 Front Diff...

LS7601 Front Diff Guard Diff Guard Front RHD <98 ...

LS7602 Front Diff...

LS7602 Front Diff Guard RHD 98> Def

LS7603 Front Diff...

LS7603 Diff Guard Front >98 Defender Discovery ...

LS7604 Rear Diff Guard

LS7604 Rear Diff Guard Diff Guard Rear <98 90/D1/Classic/S3

LS7605 Rear Diff Guard

LS7605 Diff Guard Diff Guard Rear D1 Rubber drive coupling ...

LS7606 Rear Diff Guard

LS7606 Diff Guard Diff Guard Rear 98-06 Def 90

LS7607 Rear Diff Guard

LS7607 Diff Guard Diff Guard Rear >07 90

LS7608 Rear Diff Guard

LS7608 Diff Guard Diff Guard Rear D2

LS7609 Diff Guard

LS7609 Diff Guard <02 110/130/101R/S3 Salisbury ...

LS7610 Rear Diff Guard

LS7610 Diff Guard Diff Guard Rear 03> 110/130

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