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In the spotlight - Discovery 2 H/D Rear Bumper with LED Lights

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At A.J.S Fabrications the design team is constantly on the search for ways to improve, not only the functionality of a product, but the aesthetics are also of paramount importance. It is vital the Wildbear range looks great out of the box and on your vehicle. We want you to be proud to own off-road protection from the Wildbear range, just as we want to be proud to sell it.

In order to do this, we look to new products available and ways to incorporate them into new designs, so when we were provided with high-end brand NAS style rear lights it was a foregone conclusion we should utilize them in a new way. We have been making replacement rear bumpers for Discovery vehicles for 12 years, it has always been the same design from day one, exactly the same as everyone else, designed to refit the original lights from the standard Land Rover rear bumper, of course, we wanted something new, as Land Rover owners ourselves we know how important it is to have that slight edge, that hint of individuality and a break from the 'norm'.

Including 1 set of stop/tail/indicator and 1 set of reverse/fog light this bumper gives superb additional lighting to make seeing and being seen much easier.


Design to manufacture.

Taking measurements we designed sturdy brackets to contain the lights into our rear bumper, these needed to offer some protection against the inevitable bashing the bumpers would receive in the terrain they invariably are used and abused in. Although we can not protect the lights themselves from being smashed, we can guarantee they won't be falling out the bumper any time soon due to weak and inferior surroundings.

These were then incorporated into our standard heavy duty replacement bumper. Manufactured from hardy 5mm steel and like all our Wildbear bumpers goes through the process of shot blasting and zinc priming before being finished with a robust, high-grade architectural powder coat to give a truly superior product.


Discovery 2 H/D Rear Bumper LED

Pay your money, take your choice.

Choice is everything, no two people will ever agree. to stay as original as possible or to upgrade the whole look. So to help you out we do this bumper in two variations.

One follows the original lines and is a direct replacement for the existing plastic bumper, this is a bolt-on replacement, take your existing bumper off, bolt on this heavy-duty 5mm bumper.

The other extends to the wheel arches and requires some trimming of the rear quarters, so commitment and a steady hand are needed to fit this bumper.

Both look absolutely fantastic with the rear light guards, as shown in the image.




  • Comment Link Steve posted by Steve Thursday, 20 July 2017 22:30

    Top quality craftsmanship in the bumper, over the moon with mine, absolutely fantastic, took a real bashing when some idiot crashed into the back of me, not a mark on my bumper, the other bloke, caved his bonnet in haha

  • Comment Link Matt posted by Matt Tuesday, 30 May 2017 22:30

    Love the idea of the bumper coming to the arches, small amount of trimming needed for a perfect fit and the additional protection to the rear quarters. Bang on

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