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About Wildbear

The Wildbear™ range of off-road accessories and protection from A.J.S Fabrications is the cutting edge of style, quality and finish, priding itself on being fit for purpose and built to last.
Everything from Winch bumpers to chequer plate helps give you the confidence to create a vehicle with individuality and style that will endure the harshest trials that the worlds varied environments can throw at it. The essence of Wildbear™ will enhance your Land Rover and leave a lasting impression with the manufacturing excellence and care that has been taken at every stage of the development of this unique range.

Manufactured with pride in Britain, Wildbear™ has ensured that its range is a class above the rest.
When you buy Wildbear™ you can be assured that you have bought into a calibre of parts that matches durability of need with conception of a new aesthetically unique style of products, founded by Bearmach and proudly continued by A.J.S Fabrications.

Focus on Finish: Every product in the Wildbear™ range has a strong emphasis on the finish. We have listened to dealers and customers, looked at competitor products and wanted to be sure that the Wildbear™ range was tough, strong and lasting. We have focused on the quality of the materials selected and the finishes chosen, from galvanising to Rogard 500* zinc pre-treatments topped with specialist colour finishes unique to this market whilst ensuring high-quality fittings for everything.

With Wildbear™ you can trust our warranty and be assured we are focused on the finish of your product, no matter what terrain you travel upon.
Quality over Quantity: Many companies offer cheaper pricing by stacking products high and cheap. Sourcing from the Far-East and having little or no control over the quality, but rather focusing on quantity. At Wildbear™, our focus is reversed; we source all our materials from British suppliers where possible, allowing us fantastic quality throughout the range. With high-quality control at A.J.S Fabrications, we will only sell what passes our stringent QC checking process.

Gullwing Bumper


Fit for Purpose: Wildbear™ is designed not only to look great but engineered to offer maximum protection where ever you should choose to take it. From woodland to mountains, glens to lakes, dunes in the sunshine to mud pits in the pelting rain. We have tested the range over the past 12 months, taken on board feedback from independent reviewers and ensured the range we have launched is fit for purpose and ready for customers.

Flying the Flag: When Bearmach first developed Wildbear™ they worked alongside great minds and Land Rover enthusiasts to create this range. Here at A.J.S Fabrications we were part of that team and as such will continue to commit to staying with the Bearmach ethos of British quality.
So it gives us great joy that all of the Wildbear™ range is sourced from the UK. We only source materials outside of the UK where it is impossible to find what we needed, though we are still working alongside British engineers on design and specification.
Simply the Best.......an unbeatable range of products, with the unique bear logo, its only Wildbear™ if it has the "WB" stamp of approval.
* The Zinc primer process is widely used in the automotive and other industries for corrosion protection as it offers the ability to deposit a uniform coating over an entire component including those with bends, cavities or areas which would be hard to coat with a conventional primer powder coat or liquid spray painting process. Designed to offer in excess of 1000 hours of salt spray resistance it is widely regarded as the best available anti-corrosion primer paint for mild steel.
Rogard 500 is a zinc coating used extensively in marine applications. Designed to offer in excess of 500 hours salt spray resistance to corrosion.

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